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Belt Low Pressure Compressor

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Belt Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor


Low pressure screw compressor series is a new compressor produced according to the national policy of energy saving, 

emission reduction and environment protection. It changes the traditional compressor with relatively high pressure. It transfers 

the compressed air after pressure reduction to the air consumer, which wastes large amounts of energy.

The low pressure screw compressor can be distributed according to the air pressure of the user, to satisfy the process flow

 with minimum energy. The manufacturing cost of your product can be largely improved. For example, if your process system 

only needs 3bar pressure and the used compressor can provide 7bar, then it can be reduced to 3bar, it may take two times 

power to satisfy your process system. You can choose our low pressure screw compressor only to consume half of the power,

 and the air pressure in the process system can still be ensured, thus realizing energy saving and emission reduction.

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